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  • Kiarash Irandoust

    Kiarash Irandoust

    https://itnext.io/ Common commuter between the realms of sanity and insanity, reasoning and emotions, reality and fantasy.

  • Michael Dimoudis

    Michael Dimoudis

    Software Developer, .NET & Xamarin Forms, self confessed cool geek 👨🏻‍💻 love ⚽️ @smfc & @arsenal, I ♥️ Apple, Microsoft, AWS and iOS! Creator @auweatherapp🌦

  • Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis

    Team-oriented software developer. Game dev hobbyist. Always eager to learn and expand my skillset! http://chrislewisdev.com/

  • Jonn Louie

    Jonn Louie

    the First of His Name, Reformed Baptist Christian, Crafter of Software, Fun-Sized

  • Tal Rotbart

    Tal Rotbart

    CTO/CIO at PageUp People. ex-Dev Practice Manager at SEEK. Serial entrepreneur & software delivery daredevil. Opinions are my own & may make you angry.

  • PageUp Tech

    PageUp Tech

    Musings, insights and thoughts from the product development team at Pageup. We are focused on creating ‘technology people love to use’

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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